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This site is a kind of tribute to the late, great George Carlin, in a way. He made the absurdities of our “Sacred Cows” painfully and humorously relevant. I don’t intend this to be a comedy blog, but the spirit of Carlin, an atheist, secular humanist pundit for our times, is very similar to my way of thinking. If you’ve read my comments on Huff Post and elsewhere as my alter-ego “The Sojourner” you’re pretty familiar with my views. If not, you’ll find out soon enough. If you’re familiar with Carlin, you’ll probably remember his references to sitting on the “Oort Cloud”, seeing earth from a vantage point outside of our solar system. If not, a short excerpt here:


The Oort Cloud

(In case you were interested.)


The Oort Cloud is a band of icy debris surrounding the entire Solar System from which long-period comets are thought to originate. Long-period comets are those that have orbital periods of thousands or even millions of years. The Oort cloud is believed to surround the Solar System at a distance of 100,000 astronomical units (100,000 times Earth’s distance from the Sun), which is about halfway the distance to the nearest star to our Sun, proxima centauri.
In 1950, the Dutch astronomer Jan Oort proposed of a cloud of comets surrounding the SolarSystem.

 Sometimes a passing star can cause a slight change in the icy outer bodies which causes them to come streaking into the inner solar system where we see them as comets.

The Oort Cloud consists of about 10 trillion comets. They have been here since the creation of the Solar System 4.6 billion years ago. The Cloud is 1.6 light years (7.6 million million km) across.

It takes a comet on the edge of the Sun. Comets cannot exist beyond the Oort Cloud because the Sun’s gravity is not strong enough to stop them being pulled away by a passing star.
The combined mass of all the comets in the Oort Cloud is equivalent to about three Earth’s.


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  1. Alex

    This could be an interesting blog but it is near impossible to read as there is insufficient contrast between the text and the background. The problem is so bad that, frankly, I find your site unreadable, which is a great pity, but I am sure that I am not the only viewer you are losing because of this. If you must use a blue background – yes, I know it represents blue sky – then choose a much lighter shade and a larger and stronger black for your text. That might work, failing which I would suggest some other background colour entirely.

  2. Thank you for commenting. As you may see.I’ve changed the background to black and the type is now in white. You’re not the first that memtioned this. I hope you let me know what you think now. Thank you muchly.

  3. Alex

    Sorry to say that nothing appears to be any different from before – still blue background with small black text, and I’ve refreshed my browser-page several times but nothing changes.

    Some of your posts seem as if they will be really interesting, but I’m afraid that they are illegible. Sorry.

    Have you actually viewed it in your browser as if you were a visitor? If so, what does it look like to you – white on black, or black on blue?

    BTW, my default browser is Firefox, but I have tried viewing also in Google Chrome & Apple Safari, but it still looks the same as in Firefox. However, when I view it in Opera, it is showing up with the black centr-piece and white text – exactly as you said (Doesn’t Opera own WordPress, which may explain it).

    Anyway, the fact that it is not rendering properly in Firefox, Chrome, or Safari shows that there is still something wrong – it is also spread right across the web-page in these browers, but the Opera version has the blue star skies on either side of the black centre-piece and is fine to read, except that I’m not going to change my default browser to keep visiting you.

    For your information, all my browsers are the latest versions and fully updated.

    Hope this helps.


  4. I use Chrome and I tried going to the site as an observer. It looked exactly as I thought. I can’t understand why yours comes in differently. The site is a black background in the center with white type. the only “sky” showing is on the sides. This is weird! I’ll try to get some help on this from support.Once again, thanks muchly.

  5. Hello there,
    I’m a visually challenged person who surpassed middle-age years ago. I’m also a support forum Volunteer with over 6 years of experience ehen it comes to answering support questions. This theme, Pilcrow is displaying correctly in all latest versions of leading browsers. I have zero difficulty in reading the font on this black background. However, like all older people I prefer white backgrounds and black fonts. 😉 Blog on! and don’t get side-tracked.

    • timethief:

      Thanks so much for your interest and support. I enjoy blogging tremendously. I’ve been a bit lax, lately, however. I’ve been undergoing extensive treatment for Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, and have been doing a lot of back and forth with chemo ,etc. i’ll be catching up in the next couple of days I hope. I’m happy with the way my blog looks, too, as is.

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