Thoughts on recent events


Was the earthquake and subsequent tsunami in Japan an alien experiment, to see what we’d do? Or was it God’s doing to teach some arcane lesson or punish us?  Or was it as most sensible people believe the fact that our planet is not as solid and stable as it looks from outer space? The bright blue marble has tectonic plates, weather and climate patterns, some interference of the natural order by human interventions, not all good either. Which brings me to my first item.

I can’t understand the absolute denial of many that we are in the midst of a global warming trend. There are so many who will ask “Look at all the snow we’ve had; how could there be global warming?” Try explaining to them the differences between weather and global climate change. Or even worse those who say “God made the earth, he’ll take care of it, we don’t need to worry about this”. I hope your “God” can take care of the radiation leakage in the destroyed nuclear power plants too. The radiation danger at Fukushima Daiichi has reached way beyond anyone’s expectations. The whole of that area is a nuclear wasteland for all intents and purposes. Here in the USA the floods of the season so far have so exceeded expectations,that two of our own nuclear plants are in jeopardy. Forest fires were threatening Los Alamos Labs!


Since I started writing this, there has evidently  been an increase in the speed of the enlargement of  the hole in our ozone layer. Scientists are blaming the unusually cold winter along with an increase in pollution! Now that the tornado and hurricane season is here we’ve had several super tornadoes all throughout the southern states, mostly.


The Global Warming advocates have consistently been warning us about increased super storms, of all kinds;  snow, rain, floods, now many more than the usual average of tornadic activity. Not to mention there are many more in the F4 and F5 categories, the most powerful on the scale, 200 MPH and over, I believe, also huge and lasting much longer on the ground than usual.


There was a 600% over average amount of rain in some southern areas causing the Mississippi to overflow to such an extent that miles and miles of lands have been flooded in depths to a degree unheard of. As far as new data is concerned, we now have Joplin and Tuscaloosa. Now just over this weekend (Memorial Day), extremely rare damaging tornados in Springfield, Mass.  And this is only JUNE 2!


More: Joplin, MO was all but wiped out by a super-tornado, Minot, N.D. has had a flood of disaster sized depth. Flooding up and down the Mississippi has devastated several river-bank towns, There have been fires of historical record in Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas, because of drought. This is just the END OF JUNE!

The anti-scientific bastion of the right wing is getting to be frightening. Our schools are way down on the world list of how the different countries rank in various educational subjects. I believe we’re 31st!  Yet there are those still trying to re-write our own history and force ID or Creationism as subjects in PUBLIC schools. No wonder we rank so low. We have fallen behind in medical research too, because of those same willfully ignorant sources. Our most valuable assets, the children, are being mentally assaulted by the adults who insist that ignorance is better than real education.  Many feel if it’s not in the bible, it doesn’t matter. None probably have even stuck their noses in a factually correct science  or history book.

The GOPers are fomenting this culture of willful ignorance. Why? They want it that way. The less informed and educated the public, the easier to fool them into thinking black is white, day is night and the sky is green not blue. The fact that many of those same GOPers are willfully ignorant themselves, makes it even more imperative that they appear learned in contrast to the “peons and serfs”. Witness their attempts at re-writing our own history and the disregard for things scientific. Our educational system is woefully low compared with much of the rest of the developed world. The dumbing down of America is proceeding, mostly along the lines of certain religious beliefs. The American Taliban is hard at work behind and in front of the scene.

Workers rights, women’s rights, GLBT rights, education, culture and the arts are falling prey to the insatiable appetite for power, regardless of whom they hurt. Even if the very fabric of our country is torn to tatters, they don’t care. Their thirst for ultimate domination, knows no bounds.

Those who allowed them in through sheer apathy, remember who you were and what you aided and abetted. We’re on our way to third world status; I hope you’re satisfied. For those who voted them in deliberately; see how delighted you’ll be a few years from now if we continue along the same path and you no longer have any say in anything. Just think (my mistake); you won’t be allowed to think for yourself. The “smaller” government they’re proclaiming will decide everything for you. Who to marry, how many children to have, how much input you have in your daily life,  your rate of pay, your lack of choices  where you work, where you can go to school, what religion to follow. Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? I hope you’ll still be happy.


Since I originally wrote this, several states are putting into law many restrictions on a woman’s right to choose, as well as make decisions on her own cognizance. There are several states actively trying to bust labor unions and prevent collective bargaining. There are other states wanting to LOWER the minimum wage, supposedly for teens, they say.  This, of course makes it less likely for businesses to want to hire adults, for the higher minimum, which isn’t that high either. One state (Maine)  governor deliberately decided to remove murals about laborers, IN THEIR LABOR DEPARTMENT!  because it was TOO PRO-WORKER and didn’t include the “bosses”.  Another state is engaging in the speculation of keeping track of MISCARRIAGES, to make sure the mother wasn’t trying to abort the fetus deliberately! They are decimating the funds for education, throughout our country, deliberately.   Still attempting to defund  Planned Parenthood, NPR, and a host of educational and cultural organizations and social programs.  The list goes on and on! More on these in subsequent articles here.


Update II:

The governor (LePage) who removed the mural is being charged by the feds for the removal to the tune of $38,000 I believe. Apparently, it was painted under a government grant. Therefore he has to either pay for the unauthorized removal or RESET THE MURAL IN ITS ORIGINAL LOCATION. Since it was a grant allotted for the mural in that location, if it was taken down, the grant is not being used for the original , intended purpose, making it a legal breach.


Update III:

As of May 17, 2011, this whole mural issue is still in litigation. To be continued possibly by mid June. Apparently it’s in storage at a secret location. They won’t disclose its whereabouts.


Update IV:

As of June 30, the situation has remained pretty much the same, the principals involved have moved it to court, but it still remains to be settled. As an aside; thousands of e-mails and  snail mail were sent to LePage’s  office in protest over the removal!


Update V: As of July 20, the situation still remains in Limbo and in litigation. I wonder how much longer this gets dragged out? Obviously LePage is an obtuse bully and doesn’t care about his own citizens.




The “subversive” mural in question. Doesn’t it look like it’s something to fear?

All those terrible workers and no CEO or EXEC. I’m shocked! Shocked I tell you!



Does anyone doubt that the GOPers are definitely anti-middle class and labor? Those terrible “Strike” signs too!


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