Do We Need a Third Party?

Where Are You, Dems?

If Obama caves in on Social Security, which we all paid for, Medicare which also was deducted from our pay, and Medicaid for the really needy ones so they can have  health  care access, perhaps we should draft some real progressive for 2012. I can think of three possibilities immediately; Bernie Sanders, Sherrod Brown and Alan Grayson. Too bad about Weiner  though, he “coulda been a contender”. With this Debit Limit Raising business, and the machinations both parties are going through, I fear for those safety nets, that are so important, especially now, with this economy.

So many people are depending on the so-called “Entitlements” for the barest of sustenance; food stamps, child nutrition, Education, so much depends on the government taking care of its neediest and most necessary assistance and services. Most who need them are not looking for a handout, but a helping hand; a BIG difference there. How many people are out of work so long they’ve used up what they were saving for a rainy day? I’m sure they weren’t expecting a deluge!

Yet the TP/GOPers are hell-bent on destroying them, and it seems as though the DEMs are just lying back and submitting to the bullies. Witness the latest debacle of the “so-called” debt limit raising battle. Even Boehner says he got 98% of what HE wanted! The DEMS got 2%? and they’re bragging about a succesful bi-partisan effort? Really? Whatever happened to “Shared Sacrifice”? Whatever happened to the abs0lute need for revenue sources?

The TP/GOPers fawning all over their corporate masters and wealthy overlords protecting the wealthiest 2% at the expense of the other 98% of our citizens. The TP/GOPers mantra of no new taxes, ever, is destroying us from within. Soon the US will just be another Banana Republic, with a few wealthy, and the rest, poor underlings at the mercy of the corporate and wealthy, greedy overlords!

The citizens are very angry at the government’s inaction, these days, as well as some actions they’ve perpetrated; especially the TP/GOPers. Why do the DEMs insist on bending over backwards to be bi-partisan? The TP/GOPers are bullying the DEMs and the DEMs are just letting them.

Isn’t there some way to find some Progressives with a spine? There just aren’t enough in our congress. Surely there must be some more Libs to stem the tide. Perhaps it is about time to start a third, truly Progressive party, with true Progressive Liberals. I know they’re trying to start a kind of ground swell for it. I saw Ralph Nader on TV the other night discussing just that subject. There actually is a start of a movement in that direction. “The Coffee Party” perhaps?

I voted for Obama. I thought he was one of the most intelligent presidential choices I’ve seen. I thought surely he’d be the one, to help right the damage done by “W”, et al. Unfortunately, we are still suffering under that yoke. If he’s the only choice, I’ll vote, albeit reluctantly, for him. I know he’s better than the TP/GOPers that have plagued us of late. But where is the best we can get?

Is there a real choice somewhere out there that will be the wisest and most effective leader, or is that just an empty fantasy?  I don’t know.  Obama has accomplished some things, but is woefully short of the mark I voted him in for. Is there any hope, or does Washington warp even the best of them?


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