Why are Atheists so Despised?

Atheists—The Most Hated Group…

I can’t help wondering what it is that makes some believers so afraid of atheists, and some of the hatred they spew in our direction. Just because we are non-believers? That seems pretty unreasonable to me.  I don’t know why they find it necessary to vilify us. Did you know that Bush, the elder, actually said he didn’t consider atheists  citizens of America? A present state official said atheist’s billboards she saw made her sick to her stomach (see below)! What is their problem?

Why do they seem to view atheists and atheism as some immense danger. What are they afraid of? We’d be very happy to leave them alone if they’d leave us alone. But they don’t. They threaten us with hell and damnation, call us immoral, say we usurp their faith and the foundation of THEIR country. They despise the very idea of secular humanism as something vile and disgusting. What are we supposed to do? Sit down and shut up? What gives them the right to determine what everyone else should do or believe? Even non atheists,  women,  gays and LGBT have felt their wrath.

They protest atheist billboards, tear down and deface our signs on PUBLIC transportation, even though you can’t look anywhere without some kind of theistic sign or billboard about this or that. If anyone dared deface one of theirs you’d never hear the end of it. They also say we’re evil and tools of the devil. They say a lot of things, none of it true. They know nothing about atheism, but they’re all experts because they’re believers and we’re not. Obviously, they must be right?

Do any of them even know the facts and historical backgrounds of their own religions? Have any of them actually learned about where it came from, how it began? Do any of them actually know the facts behind the “Reformation”? Martin Luther? Constantine? Nicaea? Have any of them read the mythology of Mithra or Horus, which predate Christ and Christianity and even Judaism? Even Mithra and Horus were preceded by earlier myths. Do they actually know how the Abrahamic holy books were compiled? I think not. They conveniently ignore such things.

I believe theists are deliberately and willfully ignorant of factual history when it comes to religious belief. Their dogmas not only discourage investigation of reality but instill fear in those who would. They are inculcated with “faith” in the face of the obvious dichotomy of belief vs. the actuality. A cognitive dissonance when it comes to the real world and the faith-based world. Totally ignoring the evidence compiled over many years by scientists and historians. By the way, Theologists are NOT scientists or non  biased historians.

Who hasn’t heard a survivor of a disaster thanking God for saving them when meanwhile their next-door neighbor lies crushed to death under the pile of rubble that once was their home? Does God play favorites? Why didn’t the neighbor survive? Because they didn’t pray hard enough, or have enough faith, or maybe God felt grumpy at that moment and didn’t care?  Why the disaster in the first place? Does that make sense?

Yet there’s an unshakable belief that somehow theists, their God and beliefs are right and anything else is wrong.  The very idea that atheists can exist without this dichotomy of cognizant dissonance is frightening to them. The fact that atheists are autonomous and not needing the support of some uber entity frightens them.  I think the reason we are so despised by some believers is we scare them because they can’t conceive of a non believing existence. You always hate the things you fear the most. We are an enigma to them.

Unfortunately there are some haters of atheists that  talk of killing them and finding out where they live so they can hunt them down. There was a recent plethora of absolutely sickening comments about getting rid of all atheists.  I won’t dignify them by repeating any. If you care to corroborate this check the web and Google. I am absolutely not making this up! Most espoused by the “loving” followers of Christ. This happened on the FOX comment page in reference to even allowing an atheist on their channel! These are your neighbors, co-workers, people you see every day. Could you imagine them harboring such violence and hatred toward you just because you’re a non believer? Apparently they do, so be careful and watch your back!


An excellent piece from Atheism.com.about


Mayor Margie Rice: Knowing Atheists Exist Makes Me Sick

By Austin Cline, About.com Guide  May 16, 2011

 The Orange County Coalition for Reason has put up a billboard in Orange County and it’s one of the more innocuous ones: “Don’t Believe in God? You are not alone.” As we have seen elsewhere, though, even the mildest expression of atheism or support for atheists is too much for some Christians. Mayor Margie Rice, for example, is only grudgingly willing to let the billboard exist and is actually made ill at the thought of atheists advertising in her community.

Mayor Margie Rice, who helped spearhead the In God We Trust movement in Orange County, said she still believes in God, but that the atheists have their rights and freedom of speech.

“That billboard is going to turn my stomach every time I drive by,” she said. “But there is not much I can do about it. I guess it’s fine to make a statement, but if I could help it, I would not allow it.”

Rice said she will be seeking the advice of the city’s legal counsel to find out what their options are. At the same time, Rice said, she will also wait to see the community’s reaction to the sign.

Source: OC Register

So Margie Rice gets ill every time she is confronted with the knowledge that there are atheists in her community and, what’s more, that these atheists don’t have the decency to stay in the closet! What a wonderful political and community leader she is — just the sort of Christian who helps give all Christians a bad name. She’s basically saying that atheists aren’t welcome in Orange County and that she doesn’t regard them as equal citizens. Neither atheists nor secularists nor anyone who truly cares about equality should ever vote for or support Margie Rice.




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