Are We Still a “Free” Country?

How “free” are we now, exactly?

I’m feeling more and more like I fell into a parallel universe, somehow. When I note what has been happening in America of late, I find it unbelievable. I never in a million years thought I’d see politicians actually trying to destroy our hard- fought for labor unions, and dismantling them.  To see them attempt to take away the safety nets for those in need in favor to the corporations and wealthy while destroying our own middle class. I am terrified for women’s rights, as well. The pols who are valiantly attempting to roll back women’s advances, Roe v. Wade, the right to choose their own lifestyle, I’m aghast! I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS IS HAPPENING HERE IN THE TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY!

The infusion of Christianocratic Fascism is frightening. We are being shoved closer and closer to the edge of the cliff. The separation of church and state so vital to our free country, is being jeopardized. One of the biggest enemies of freedom is apathy. Where are the objectors to this? Where are the protestors against ramrodding us into a Theocracy? Who’s minding the store?

What of the “Patriot Act”? What’s so patriotic about restricting our own free access to our own country? I, personally, have seen evidence of how much this has changed us. Now, we are fearful if anyone even wants to take a snapshot. Not of some restricted area; but some public places!

Yes, that’s happened twice, at least, to a friend who likes to take snapshots. Here in Chicago, for instance, those in the area know of the Cumberland Terminal.  A unique looking newer el, subway and bus terminal. Wanting to take some random shots of this interesting construction, my friend was stopped, by security, saying that permission was needed by the management for that! In a public place! Another time, taking photos of a local hospital! One which had some recent architectural additions that were very interesting. While taking shots in the parking lot, he was stopped by a security guard and asked for his ID! In a public parking lot on public grounds at a local hospital!

I can’t help wondering if Gore hadn’t been chiseled out of a win for president, by the SCOTUS cabal, if 9/11 would even have happened, let alone the subsequent deterioration of our freedoms. Now we even find it acceptable to be virtually strip-searched by the TSA just to get on a plane. We have been selectively groped by TSA reps, in ways that would previously have been considered assault! Yet, we blithely accept this as NORMAL? The enemies of freedom didn’t need to nuke us, they’re well on the way to their objective. They have immutably changed our way of life and our country, without needing any more weapons.

Where once we had free access across our borders to our neighbors, now we need passports? To make sure of what? Any tourist might be a terrorist? Are travelers now guilty of terrorism unless proven innocent? What sense does that make? Illegal immigrants? What Canadian in their right mind would want to sneak INTO the USA these days? Even our Southern border immigrants are returning to their countries because of the climate of the economy. How did we manage to have our borders open, until now?

“Post 9/11”?  Way before 9/11, Reagan and his band of merry men decided we must ALL have Social Security numbers from the time we were born! What payroll deductions did a newborn suddenly acquire? That was necessary, because…? These things have been gradually creeping into our society. Making us less and less the “Free Country” of our past.  I believe it was Ben Franklin who said something about “Those who sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither”.



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