Deleterious Religions

Imagine, No Religion…

I look forward to a day when the OT and NT and the Quran and The Book of Mormon, etc. are relegated to a dusty, unused shelf in some archival library; as examples of how irrational and ridiculous the religions were.  Just as today we discount the mythologies of ancient cultures, I fervently hope for a day when the world is free of its most divisive elements; religions.

For those who eschew my opinion, I don’t have to apologize. I firmly believe religions have been the greatest negative influences throughout all known, and possibly unknown history. We need a new paradigm to follow.  One that unites not divides. The divisiveness of “us” against “them”, generally has its fundaments in religion.  I only ask you to truly think about this.

You will probably ask “What will happen to us then?”.  I can reply “The inquisitions, witch trials, misogyny, the Holocaust, gay bashing, hatred of the ‘The Others’, etc., all these had their basis BECAUSE  of religion,  or perhaps in spite of it”; any questions?  Any more?  I could go on but I could write a book, practically, on the subject.

I cannot see how religion has really improved our world for the better.  I see competitions for who can convert the most to “our beliefs” as opposed to “their beliefs”. I see cultures throughout our world, today, being destroyed by missionaries.  I see their “good works”, always with their conversion agenda  selfishly behind it, not as the altruistic agenda they try to project.

I see zealots of all ilk, in many ways, trying to take over the world in the NAME of some religion or other.  That’s what I see. I do not see the grand and glorious promise that religions claim to promulgate. I see divisiveness, selfishness, conflicts, despotism and greed in the name of whatever God is followed.

The annals of history overflow with examples of the misbegotten results of religious zealotry and aggression. You cannot read factual history on the subject and not be aware of how harmful,  violent and destructive religious fanaticism can be. No religion is sacrosanct from censure on that accusation. None is truly an innocent bystander, their deeds are written on the sands of time.


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