Lionizing Ronald Reagan



They’ve named aircraft carriers, airports, and all sorts of thing after him. You’d think he was another Lincoln or Washington. They speak of him in tones of awe! Some wanted him on Mt. Rushmore!  They want his likeness on a bill! They’ve just erected a statue of him in front of the US Embassy in Grosvenor Square in London! Doesn’t Ronald Reagan sound like a genuine heroic figure? They credit him with the downfall of the Soviet Union and the Berlin Wall!  The fact is that the Soviet Union collapsed under its own mismanagement of financial and political balance. Unfortunately it’s eerily similar to what’s been happening in America recently.  Best president ever? Well, here are just some of the facts:


Reagan’s Legacy;

1) Increased National Debt 189% ($998 billion to $2.6 trillion)
2) Converted millions of high paying union jobs into low paying non-union jobs.
3) Cut spending on healthcare leaving ex-servicem­­­en, disabled people,
and old without support to rot on streets.
4) Doubled the number of poor in the country.
5) Turned US from major exporter of manufactur­­­ed goods to the major
importer of goods.
6) Turned US from net importer of raw natural resources into nation
that exported raw natural resources
7) Funded terrorists and tried to trade arms for hostages.
8) Funded and aided Saddam with WMD.
9) Reagan encouraged corruption­­­, allowing companies to sell $25
toilet seat­­s to the military for $360 and $8 hammers for $120.
10) Reagan cut income taxes on working class but increased payroll
taxes and mandated contributi­­­ons to Medicare and Social Security
did so in a way that top 1% paid 15% less than they did
before by limiting deductions on first $61,000 but the working poorest
had theirs increased 15%.
11) Reagan took a staggering 436 vacation da­ys at his ranch in  8 years.
12) Allowed Rupert Murdoch to circumvent immigratio­­­n laws to purchaseAmerican media sources

13) Ignored AIDS epidem­ic because it affected Them People­.

14) Encouraged the Evangelica­­­ls to become Political and Partisan.
15) Cutting benefits for those with mental illness who were tossed from
psych hospitals and turned to living out on the streets­­!
16) Started endless vacuum of federal dol­lars further increasing
national debt for wife’s pet project “War on Drugs.”

(kimbanyc-HuffPo poster)

More fun with Reagan:

Interestin­g, you could not refute one thing kimbanyc stated. Here are some more facts about Reagan He granted residency to millions of undocument­ed immigrants­. He raised taxes 11 times. Reagan cut funds to cities and slashed federal housing programs which more than doubled the country’s homeless population­. He deregulate­d the savings and loan industry (even the Koch brothers Cato Institute admits that was a failure). Income of the top 1% increased by 55 percent. Bottom 40% of households payed out more in federal taxes in 1988 than they did in 1980. Called apartheid in South Africa “strategic­ally essential to the free world in its production of minerals” and fought Congressio­nal efforts to place sanctions on the apartheid government­. Senate Republican­s helped override his veto of anti-apart­heid legislatio­n. Sold arms to Iran to fund the contras in Nicaragua and armed and backed Saddam Hussein. Funded the Islamist militants in Afghanista­n and Pakistan (thank the Straussian­s for that in his administra­tion). He had opposed the 1965 Voting Rights Act saying it was humiliatin­g to the South. More than a dozen administrat­ion officials had to resign following revelation of Iran-Contr­a and 20 high level EPA officials were forced to resign. More than 50 officials at the Defense Department and private contractor­s were convicted of rigging bids and falsifying quality control tests. Yes, he is opposite of the leader we have now. And his approval rating after two years in office was lower.

(Okiemama-HuffPo poster)

I greatly appreciate my fellow HuffPo posters. So often they hit the nail right on the head. Spot on comments.

As you can see we have here a classic case of cognizant dissonance. Reagan is a fabricated heroic figure much like Paul Bunyan or Hercules. The hero Reagan only exists in the nebulous nether world of fevered imagination and a longing to seem as if the GOPers actually have something worthwhile to expound upon. Of course, as they try to whitewash the “reign” of “W” and his policies that have nearly destroyed our country and economy, you can see how Reagan has been transformed; metamorphosed into ”Super Ronnie”! In a few years, who knows? “W-Man”?

The imaginary Reagan is so much more interesting than the real one. Facts, however, don’t lie. The facts on Reagan are just that. There are actual records of his “accomplishments”, written, videos, broadcasts, etc. They are there and undeniably true. As the line says “you can’t handle the truth”; which I am directing to the Reaganites.

So I say the lionizing of Ronald Reagan is a totally undeserved one, made of whole cloth. I think his policies make him one of the worst presidents we have had the misfortune to vote into office. A couple of things I recall about Reagan. He busted the PATCO union, setting the precedent for the GOPers newly developed interest in doing the same for thousands of union members.  The unions are desperately fighting today to preserve their rights in the midst of some of the worst unemployment, ever!. He was also considering ketchup as a vegetable for school lunches, to cut costs! Today the GOPers are trying to cut nutrition and health programs for the underprivileged to pare the budget! You see the progression? Give them an inch and they’ll take a mile!

This basically second class movie actor and TV emcee, somehow has become the greatest president? Surely you jest! Read the facts, look at the evidence. Don’t fall for “a lie repeated often enough becomes the truth”. Those who have their logic and reason screwed on tightly, know the difference between reality and fantasy. Reagan’s policies started us on this long, painfully slow decline. Remember “Reaganomics”? Many of the things he set in motion are at fault for what we are facing now.  Add the “W” factor and there’s really a formula for disaster. That formula is taking its toll, today, as we struggle to regain our once solid foothold and world reputation. Thank you so much President Reagan; but let’s not forget George II, and his magic WMD’s in Iraq, and his distinguished court of Sirs Cheney, Rove and Rumsfeld, and Lady Rice. Don’t we just love ‘em?

A couple of the milder contemporary (to Reagan’s term) and negative opinions:




Not all bonbons and roses, was it?

As you can see, “Reaganomics” started the whole “trickle down” system as well. There were concerns even then. Aren’t you delighted? Part of his legacy is the economic mess we’re in today. It didn’t work then; it’s not working now, and won’t work in the future either!

They continue to regard him as a model of what the presidency should be. They cannot recognize what a flawed, less than competent figurehead he really was. I’m talking about the incompetence and failures of his policies, during his two terms; foreign, economic and social. He was then, and remains now an anomaly of smoke and mirrors; not the great statesman and policymaker at all, but a greatly overrated personality. Little more to distinguish him from many others, except he once was a Hollywood personality. Without the Hollywood star makers, he would just have been another ordinary politician. Unfortunately, the remaining stardust that clung to him, gave him a sparkle and glitz, mistaken for gravitas that was totally undeserved.

The London Statue…

Doesn’t he look distinguished?

May I also bring to your attention…

 A statue of Andy Gump, a character from a Cartoon. This is in Lake Geneva WI, in Flat Iron Park!…

And he-e-e-e-r-r-es Popeye! A statue erected in Alma, AR, which considers itself the spinach capital of the country!…

By the way this is part of a charming, little park, I understand, with a related mural in the background somewhere, dedicated to the subjects.

I will leave it to your imagination as to why I put the above cartoon characters here!

‘Nuff said…


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