Obama’s not Perfect but…


 “THOSE WHO SACRIFICE LIBERTY FOR SECURITY DESERVE NEITHER”. Attributed to Benjamin Franklin, way back when… I ‘m against the Patriot Act on general principles. I’m sorry to hear of its extension.

Unless we have an exemplary non TP/GOPer running in 2012, I’ll still vote for Obama. Why? Because, all votes are important enough to matter, if enough people want a chance to recoup the bad choices the TP/GOPers have been perpetrating on us.

There are several Dems  and an Independent or two that have stuck to their progressive liberal tenets. I respect them, and hope to have them continue. I’m sorry Grayson got swept under the bus by the  non-voting tantrum throwers, letting the GOPers, etc. take over and shred women’s and LGBT rights, the constitution and who knows what else?

A Grayson and Sanders  pres and veep  team would be great, but I know neither would run at this time.  Sherrod Brown and Barney Frank aren’t bad either come to think of it. I can dream… The point? Obama’s not perfect but he’s the best we’ve got, now. He’s still probably one of the classiest and smartest POTUS we’ve had in a long time. He managed to get some things accomplished that he promised. How many of his problems are due to the obstructionists he’s dealing with? How many are due to his shortcomings? I don’t know. But I’m still willing to give him another chance. Maybe if enough Dems get in congress to override the opposition, we may all be very happy we allowed him that chance.


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