The “Occupy Wall Street” Protests…

…Or “I’m Mad as Hell and I’m not Going to Take it Anymore”!!!

That iconic quote from “Network”, almost seems prophetic now. Here we are decades later, and instead of opening our windows and shouting out, we are actually on the city streets protesting. IT’S ABOUT TIME!!! What does it take for people to wake up?

For some reason I started thinking about an expression I heard “Coxey’s army”. I didn’t know it’s origins but I looked it up. Guess what? There was a Cox’s army and a Coxey’s army, both marches on Washington D.C. Both oddly enough protests against high unemployment in the late 19th century, both participated in by the unemployed protesting a Recession.

Everything old is new again. Of course “Occupy Wall Street” protests around the country are protesting much more. I still find the parallel interesting though. There just comes a time when enough is enough. I think the 99% have had enough.

I hope the fervor increases and there’s a general awakening of how the middle and lower class have been screwed over, by Wall Street and the TP/GOPers. I hope they realize although  Obama isn’t perfect, he’s a hell of a lot better than any TP/GOPer and their obstructionist tactics, their “No taxes ever pledge” to Grover Norquist (who’s he?) and screw all but the rich attitudes. They don’t care about you. Have you gotten that yet?

If not then some not so gentle reminders:

Today’s TP/GOPers are total hypocrites. What a shame! They hate labor, civil rights. A bunch of greedy people bought by the corporations, and warped by theocratic zealots, trying to disenfranchise the middle class and the poor, in favor of their equally greedy corporate masters.

Why do they hate America? Why are they doing their best to unravel labor unions, education, women’s rights, civil rights?  Why do they want to further repress the least fortunate among us? Why are they allowing the wealthy to get away with huge tax cuts and taking the losses of revenue from those whom can least afford it? They are trying their best to rend our social safety net which has been in force since the ‘30’s. Why are they doing this?

What are they perpetrating, a two class society; the wealthy and the serfs and peons? Where only the rich can afford to live decently and the rest can struggle in misery, poverty, and being used at low wages to support the rich bosses? If I’m being too harsh, someone show me what the TP/GOPers have done to improve conditions. AND BY THE WAY, MR. BOEHNER, WHERE ARE THE JOBS?

So far they’ve been trying to break up labor unions, deny women their LEGAL health care rights, stop the LGBT from having the same rights everyone else does.  They’re trying to insert theocratic laws, totally ignoring the separation of church and state. They’re attempting to find a way to destroy the new  Affordable Health Care Program (“Obamacare”, to them, more disrespect, I think). They’re turning the USA upside down and ignoring the tenets of the constitution. They’re acting like a herd of despotic, greedy, power hungry oligarchs. Show me where I’m wrong, please… I can’t believe what they’re doing to my America. This is not the country I grew up in. What happened?

The GOPers are running things like little dictators. Why are they trying to destroy the middle class and deny the poor a safety net? What civilized country doesn’t take care of its most vulnerable citizens? Why do the Republicans toady to their wealthy overlords, while leaving the rest of the population fallow?  They got in because they conveniently omitted the real agenda they had.  How can a cognizant adult fall for their mumbo-jumbo again? Selective amnesia? I don’t know. I just hope it isn’t too late to reverse the damage to our nation they’re creating.

Update: As of June 3, 2011: I heard that Chris Christie, the ”remarkable”  Gov of N.J. wants to deny  Medicaid benefits to any family of 3 who makes over $5,317 a YEAR! The current yearly income considered poverty level for a family of 3 is $24,645. I am not making this up! These are the misfits that are in office these days. These are your GOPers and TPers, folks. Are you happy? These are the mean spirited, heartless, corp toady, despots you voted in! We progressives warned you, no one listened. Well, you’ve got ‘em now! Kiss the USA, as we once knew it, “goodbye”.

Update: June 6, 2011: Just when I think things couldn’t get worse, I find out I’m wrong. I learned that some states are trying to roll back child labor laws by extending the work hours and lowering the ages of the child worker’s! “Time” Magazine had an article in a recent issue about it, if you want more details.

I recently read that the GOPers want religiosity (read Christian, preferably fundie) as a kind of litmus tests for acceptable candidates to run in 2012. This sends chills up my spine. They are determined to try to turn us into a Christianocracy,  ignoring the separation of church and state. In a manner of speaking, turning the USA into a country with a Christian form of Sharia law. What next; burqas? They certainly have shown their disdain for women, lately. Not to mention, turning women into second class citizens. Women’s rights subjects deserve a separate post.

With all this going on is it any wonder the ordinary citizens from Wisconsin, Ohio, and many other cities got up on their hind legs, recalling some of their “mistakes” and removing them from office? They’re still planning to recall Walker (R-WI), for instance. The people are finally speaking out against what the TP/GOPers have perpetrated on unsuspecting voters.  Wall Street is just one symptom of the disease they infected our economy with. I hope the voters will all know better next time they vote.

Another update: Although this chart dates only to 2007, remember income disparity has gotten even worse since then. This is what our brothers and sisters in OCW are protesting about. What has happened to us? The chart reads like it belongs to a Banana Republic, not a Democratic country with equal opportunity for all. The fat cats get fatter, while the rest scramble and struggle just to make ends meet. What is going 0n here?


Here’s another chart with actual monetary amounts on this egregious disparity. This dates to 2011!


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