“Greed is Good”…?

…Or the Spirit of Gordon Gekko is Alive and Well on Wall Street

When I see what is happening to my country.  I am deeply saddened. OWS is only the tip of the iceberg. To think, thousands all over the USA are protesting inequality. I thought this only happened in third-world countries, where the economical disparities were so outrageous as to cause wholesale civil unrest. How disheartening to see this in the USA. Not without cause either.

The disappearing middle class isn’t a myth. It’s very real. I am reminded of how the loss of the jobs that paid decent wages and gave so many a fair shake are slowly vanishing. Plants, homes and businesses closing up and abandoned, boarded up factories.  Whole neighborhoods decimated by the economy.  A frightening commentary on the importance of the bottom line above all else, even our own citizens.

Better to pay $1.57 an hour in Mexico than a decent salary. The new motto: “Greed is good”. Actually, that’s an old motto, but more true today than ever. How much is enough, how much more do the corporations need? Do they want all but the top strata to be living in shanty towns, working for next to nothing so they can acquire even more wealth? How much is enough?

What more do they want? Why is a once jewel of a city like Detroit mostly a blot of urban blight, now? What of some of the other cities now struggling under huge deficits and problems because of the sacrosanct “bottom line”? How many more corporations, banks, investment houses will sit on their assets and shift their production where they can get the most profit for the least possible investment? They always seem to need “more”, never enough. Must they get more and more until nothing is left over and this country and probably the world is sucked dry of all financial resources, for the coffers of the uber corporations?

How did this happen to the example that the rest of the world looked to for so much inspiration? When, exactly, did we start turning into the start of a third world, banana republic? What’s happened to our education, our innovation, leading the way? How did the American public allow this horrific circumstance to sneak up on them? Were they asleep at the switch, mesmerized by lies?

Reaganomics?  The “Trickle down theory”?  Bush’s two wars, tax cuts and loopholes for his rich cronies and the corporations?  When did it become OK to disenfranchise the majority (99% by recent accounts)? Why are the TP/GOPers running us into the ground? Cuts in education, union busting, shredding  The Constitution and women’s and civil rights, how did we let this happen to us? Does anyone really recognize what’s happening here? What the TP/GOPers are trying to do? Why they’re trying to discourage voters in their own states? How they’re insidiously trying to change this into a country for the privileged few and maintaining a supply of cheap labor to support the already financially bloated corporations and fat cats?

Speaking of cheap labor; here’s the latest bon mot from Newt Gingrich:

Gingrich says child labor laws are ”Stupid”. He also posits that we should get rid of the Union Janitors in schools, hire a Master Janitor, instead and use the poverty stricken school kids as a work crew to clean up the school. That way he claims the poor kids will be earning money with a job and be able to learn about work and money and raising status.

From the HuffPo article:

“Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich argued at an address at Harvard University last week that American school systems should fire their unionized janitors and let underprivileged children do the work instead, according to a report in Politico.

The upshot of the plan? The kids would learn life skills, and taxpayers would save money.

The logic for such an argument would seem to rely on two premises: that janitors are currently being overpaid for their work, and that their job is so easy a child could do it.” The link to the whole article:


More on Newt’s “Wisdom”:


Where is our indignation? Our outrage? Our action to stem this putrid tide before it’s too late? How much more can we absorb? The climate (and I’m not talking Global warming here)   is getting worse and worse. It could spill over. We must fight back, we have to, or our country will go the way of the fallen empires and countries in past history, when they lost their true ideals and purpose. Centuries from now I hope there’s no book on “The Decline and Fall of the United States of America”;  a grand, noble, but failed experiment.

I suppose I can’t ignore this, though it’s a bit OT. Herman Cain “suspended” his campaign today; December 3, 2011! Too hard to keep denying his peccadilloes, I guess. Especially since the latest revelation was that Cain’s wife didn’t know about a 13 year “relationship” with another woman he “helped” with expenses, etc.  All “innocent” he claims, the female “friend” says otherwise. Yet he was dragging his wife around with him when he made the announcement.  She was smiling and even throwing kisses to the crowd. I can’t forgive him for that alone. Oh, he’s such a good family man and husband, see how cheerful his wife is? Yeah isn’t she though. Please Herman, spare me your ill managed attempt at “family values”.  One could also put this at another kind of greed. One is not enough, perhaps? At least 7 complaints from women of harassment, etc. and now this recent 13 year “affair”. There must be something to this, they all can’t be liars or disturbed women. I wonder what his long suffering wife really thinks? He says his wife was satisfied with his explanation of the 13 year situation. I’ll bet she is!



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2 responses to ““Greed is Good”…?

  1. Pretty much sums it up. I’m shocked how some, make that more than some, still consider “Supply Side” viable.

    Nice write

    • Glad you enjoyed my mini-rant. I think my blog, at least gives me the ability to express myself, unhampered. I comment a lot on HuffPo as TheSojourner, but I don’t always get my 2 cents worth in. Here I can say my piece and not worry about their moderators or length limits. That’s a distinct advantage. Yes, greed has ripped our once great country apart. I hope it is able to recover in my lifetime.

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