What’s so Wonderful About Suffering?


During Easter season for Christians, the media are overrun with articles about the subject. Of course a huge part is the suffering of Christ as he carries his burden, and is crucified, etc. How He suffered and died…for our sins. The crucified figures of Christ in Catholic churches, are supposed to be inspiring, I think it’s macabre, myself. Of course most Catholics wear a cross with the crucified figure as some icon, men and women both. The protestants wear the plain cross. How a symbol of torture becomes a holy icon is beyond me.

This whole idea of accepting suffering, your cross, so to speak makes no sense. Why would any God worth worship be considered in a positive light because  your suffering is supposed to bring you closer to Him?  I don’t see how the suffering of a child wracked with pain from starvation or horrifically painful bone cancer, should be anything positive, in any way. Yet the dogma insists suffering is good for your soul’s development. Tell that to a three year old in constant debilitating pain from some terrible disease.

This is just another ploy to get the unfortunate roped into the idea that you are loved more by this God for this suffering.  Accepting  your  “cross” because you’ll be rewarded in heaven for your burden in this life. I refute the very idea of this sado-masochistic concept. Yet there are some fanatics that will masochistically inflict physical pain on their own person as a penance or a way to suffer more. “No pain, no gain”? I don’t see the point. Of course, this isn’t exclusive to the Abrahamic religions, either. But the concept is the same in any religion that accepts the concept of suffering as “Growth toward the diety”.

Abrahamic religions are rife with these schizophrenic, pointless concepts. God is love, but sends you to hell if you don’t love him. God will visit untold suffering and misery on Job, a hapless victim of a wager with Satan to prove that Job has faith and love for God no matter what.

Abortion, according to some (not in either bible anywhere by the way) is a sin but having unloved, mistreated, abused and unwanted children is good?  Abortions “kill babies”, that’s terrible, but killing an adult doctor or nurse that will help assist in abortion is OK?  Homosexual marriage is sinful but an adulterous hetero relationship is OK, if you are repentant?  If you repent or confess your sins, the most heinous of crimes will be forgiven?  No wonder the prisons are overcrowded.

Add to that the illogical belief in mythological characters and events, taken as actual holy writ, and there’s a recipe for almost anything being excusable, even the veneration and justification for inconceivable human suffering. They always say “We can’t understand the mind of God” or tout “God’s perfect plan”. Then there’s the old chestnut “It’s a mystery”, or “God works in mysterious ways”.  No one answers the question, why should any suffering or pain be any  good? How then to explain animals suffering and pain? They don’t even have souls according to the dogma. How could pain and suffering be good for their souls?


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