Obama and the “Birthers”…

Don’t They EVER Give up…?

Sounds a bit like a fairytale, doesn’t it? In a way it is. The “birthers” are the same ones who believe the fairy tales that reducing taxes for the 2% wealthiest and the corporations, will lower the deficit and create jobs. Privatizing Social Security and using a Voucher system for Medicare will improve it.   Breaking unions will make the economy better and small government means small enough to fit in a woman’s uterus. With all those fairytale ideas, is it any wonder they will insist Obama’s birth certificate, even the long form, isn’t proof of his American citizenship? Ask Trump!

Of course, left unspoken is the actual reason for all this “birther” nonsense. No need to go into what this is code for. We know why they’re trying to discredit our DULY ELECTED POTUS, words aren’t necessary. I am thoroughly ashamed of these people.  I’m also embarrassed for the whole country. The world isn’t blind to the bigotry and prejudices behind this obsession to find something, anything they could use against Obama, even if it makes sense only to the perpetrators.

Does anyone recognize the elaborate machinations that would be needed to successfully create this “Birther” fiasco? Firstly, in 1961 when Obama was born they’d have to determine he would run for president in the 21st century. Then they’d have to get huge amounts of collaborators, to fake the certificate of birth and fill in the information. They’d need doctors, nurses, officials the records departments, perhaps hundreds of people to cooperate and create this fake birth certificate for Barack Obama.  Then, of course bribing the Hawaiian officials and government to preserve the illusion he was born in Hawaii. ALL THIS WHEN HE WAS JUST BORN SO THEY COULD MAKE HIM THE POTUS IN THE 21st CENTURY?  Somehow they knew he’d be voted in as POTUS? Are you birther idiots serious? Really? I find this amazing! You actually believe in this conspiracy? The same would hold true if this was accomplished after the fact.   Wake up! GIVE ME A BREAK!

How stupid, or is it hateful are these “Birthers”? If he were a Muslim, that wouldn’t even disqualify him, we have Muslims in congress. However he happens to be Christian. Though I believe religion should be left out of politics altogether. You know or should; “The Separation of Church and State” in the Constitution? We even have an atheist in congress, so what?

This goes beyond policy disagreement. We all heard the GOPers talking about doing whatever they could to disparage and discredit Obama’s getting another term. Even before they knew what his policies were. They have been true obstructionists at every turn. It’s a wonder Obama managed to get anything through.  The insistence on dismissing the Affordable Health Care Plan as the disdainful “Obamacare”, for instance.  Just one example of total disrespect, not only for the person but for our own POTUS.

The Clown Prince of the Apprentice and Strange Comb-Over has made some veiled racist comments.  He also has expressed doubts about Obama deserving to be accepted in an Ivy-league college.  The fact that Obama  graduated Summa Cum Laude and was president of the Harvard Law Review is irrelevant, of course! Perhaps he thinks the TPers will take him in as a serious presidential candidate if he disses the one in office.  Of all the names, The Donald’s on top, but with a whopping 19%!! That’s not saying much for him or any of his fellow GOPer hopefuls. Again, they’d never have thought of being so openly insulting if Obama  hadn’t dared to be other than pure white, Caucasian stock. Why else have the detractors been working so diligently to find something, anything to discredit Obama’s authenticity?

I think I can assume what these right wingnuts want when they talk of “getting their country back”. Back from whom and what? I don’t think anyone needs a map to figure that out. There’s been many news stories about not so subtle e-mails, comments  and posters, showing a total disregard for civility and decency on the part of many a TPer and GOPer. Oh, they’ll deny it, but the facts speak for themselves. So does their insistence to make this country over into a Christianocracy, ignoring the separation of church and state in our own Constitution!

I am thoroughly and completely disgusted with the political GOP/TPer climate.  I can’t believe that people willingly squandered their valuable voting power on these undeserving power hungry, greedy, vicious, uncaring people. How could they?  Did those who sat on their hands, had snits, and decided not to vote, to “show them”, win anything? It’s a cliché I know, but what were they thinking?

Update: As of this writing (May 1, 2011) Obama has made the impossible, possible!  He, and the concerned military, Intelligence, cabinet, etc. managed to formulate a plan over months that resulted in finally, finding and killing Osama bin Laden! Yet even with this, his detractors refuse to give him any credit for successfully bringing this distressing chapter to an end! They are even claiming that W deserves credit for this! W, who actually said he didn’t care about OBL anymore ; that he didn’t think he was important! Yes, W said that, it’s on video for all to see!

Update II: As of May 16, Trump has decided not to run for presidential candidacy. Surprise! Did anyone actually think he was serious and not being his usual media whore self?

Update III: Trump, as of about a week ago (today is June 19,2011) is threatening he may still run, after all. You think? Right now the front runner is Mitt Romney, and not at a huge number either. His percentage 24%.

Update IV: As of this update (Dec.17,2011) yes, I know, a bit of a time gap. The “Birthers” are still trying. Now Georgia, lovely Georgia, wants to exclude Obama’s name from their presidential ELECTION BALLOT ! This stupidity goes on and on. Trump still hasn’t given up either. By the way, he’s threatening to possibly run for president again. (sigh)


The newest update on this farce as of  1/27/12. It really does seem like a fairytale; “The Neverending story”. 


Update V: That’s right! More on “The Neverending Story”. Now (3/2/12) Joe Arpaio, already in legal trouble for his ethics or lack of them, has been skulking around this “conspiracy”. He claims there may be evidence of fraud. This after he hired some hacks, possibly to prove his points at taxpayers’ expense!

More of this in Huff Post here:



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