Blame the “Liberal Media”…?

It’s All the Fault of the “Media”…?

No, I have not changed my opinions…

This is just one illustration of how the current crop of TP/GOPers  view the world. Bill Maher says they are in an impenetrable bubble, and facts can’t get through. Not only facts, but truth, reality, and the actual world doesn’t penetrate the “bubble” either. Ergo this “political(?)” cartoon. Everything is that gol-durn “Librul medya’s” fault. To quote one of my favorite progressive pundits, Cenk Uygur, “OF C-O-O-O-URSE”!

I first came upon this right wing apologist, when I was browsing a comics web site. I saw she was a female, which is very unusual for a political commentary panel. So I checked her current, at the time, panel, out of curiosity.  She had the TP/GOPer  points down perfectly.  Illustrations of the “bubble” of the right wingers, personified. Her panels are reminders of why I’m  glad to be a Liberal, Progressive, secularist. For that, I thank you Lisa Benson.

It’s the media’s fault that Newt had three marriages and two messy, divorces, and all his baggage. You know it’s not his fault he was married and had a mistress when he called out to impeach Clinton for the Lewinsky affair. It was that damn media again. It certainly wasn’t his fault that he divorced his first wife while she was in treatment for cancer and he was having an affair, at the time. The media again. He then took the mistress as his second wife and…guess what …? Calista came along. Damn that media. His ethics violation? The media. Turn poor school kids into school janitors  so they learn how to become earners (no work ethics, you know)…Newt again. What about the pampered rich brats? Dad just watches his dividends grow, who needs a work ethic? (see Mitt, below).

How dare the so-called “liberal” media bring up the TP/GOPers unabashed bigotry, super-pacs and character flaws, the “birthers”, decimating education and of course, repeal “Obamacare” Their desire to defeat Obama, no matter what harm they cause as a result.  The obstructionism of their manic power hunger and bigotry, oozes from their every pore like pus from an infection. The refusal to even consider that trickle-down economics never worked. Their inability to understand what the word “inequality” means. What inequality? The 1% are all doing fine, no inequality there. The 99%? What are they complaining about? No inequality whatsoever, they’re all equal, to each other.

I don’t need to single out Newt. We have a grand array of mediaphobes in the TP/GOPer primary ranks. Between Bachmann and her many gaffs and “Pray the Gay Away” “hubby”.  Herman Cain and all those “disturbed” women, while he was dallying for 13 years on the side with a female “friend” he was helping out, without his wife knowing a thing about it. Herman’s “9,9,9,” turn it upside down the devil’s in the details (my snarky observation).  Mitt’s $57,000 a day,  just from investing, without a day’s actual work. “Corporation’s are people, my friend”…!  For an interesting view of the facts about Romney’s “Mexican” heritage, do some Googling,etc. Too complicated to go into it here.  Paul wants to do away with all government and the safety nets. Come to think of it they all do.

Dare I mention Rick S. and his misogynistic and anti gay rhetoric? , How about wanting to make birth control and abortion illegal under ALL circumstance. “If you’re raped, make the best of it”…? Man on man =“man on dog”?  Trying to turn us into a theocracy (read Christianocracy). Of course he’s not the only candidate trying to destroy women’s rights, and LGBT rights, is he?   Even Trump wanted to get in the clown car. We lost Rick Perry, the unannointed pastor of Texas, too bad, more comic relief. Let’s also not forget the Camp site  he frequented with the unmentionable name (not so funny). Huntsman, since he seemed constantly at the bottom of the ladder is more of a footnote.

By the way, who’s actually aiding and abetting the clash of the classes?  Could it be the Grover Norquist “pledge” to not raise taxes ever,  on, you know the “job creators”, the 1%? Who’s he, the king of the TP/GOPers? The 99 percenters “envy” the rich? No one envies EARNED success not even the 99%. So who’s fomenting class warfare here?

Because of the media we can get at the facts, reality and understand things we couldn’t without it. We can also usually spot the false media info, as well. We all know which media lie and warp facts, and which don’t; or at least if we’re well informed we should know the difference. I’m not absolving the Democrat’s either, but they haven’t yet blamed the media for Weiner, Clinton, Spitzer, etc. They exhibited some self-blame for their wrongdoings.


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