Back to the Future…?

…I certainly don’t want to go there!

A friend e-mailed a few vintage advertisements to us to show how times have changed. This is the country our esteemed TP/GOPers want us to go “back” to;  I certainly don’t. This is their wonderful, myopic  vision of what they want to return to. When men were men and women knew their place. The halcyon days of yore. When wifey stayed home and cleaned the house spotless, took care of the kids, and greeted hubby all dressed up and looking radiant in her frilly apron and high heels. Ready to grant hubby’s every whim!  Dinner on the table and everything waiting just for him. Give me a break! These households only existed in the minds of Madison Ave. ad agencies and ‘50’s domestic comedies. “Father Knows Best” or “Leave it to Beaver”, anyone? The condescending chauvinistic attitude was still a prominent force, however. Even then, such idealism was fantasy. Ask some female senior citizen, what she thought of the ‘50’s.

See what I mean…?

More for your money…

Had enough yet?

Still not enough? “Merry Christmas Honey!”

One more for the road…

Of course, this is only one example of their illusory ideas. Throw in the old days of unionless  workers, and even children working for pennies on the dollars the bosses made. The inequality of incomes, no safety nets, soup kitchens, people selling apples for a few cents to buy bread for a starving family. All the “good” memories of times past. Ah, yes…The “impenetrable bubble”  the TP/GOPers are surrounded by.

May I interject a thought here?…

On the same subject “Job Creators”…

They’re working very hard to pull us back and prevent progress. To paraphrase an old saw “We don’ need no stinkin’ safety nets”. R-i-i-i-ght!  We also don’t need human rights, women’s health care choices, contraception, LGBT rights, a good public education system and college availability for all who want it, especially in science and math (we’re in 27th place on this, I believe, just below Hungary).

One possible explanation for why we’re so far down on math and especially science…

They probably long for “The Old Kentucky Home”, before MLK and the Civil Rights Movement. Think I’m exaggerating? Can you explain the obvious hatred and obstructionism, not to mention out and out lies about our duly elected POTUS? The first day President Obama  got into office, the “loyal opposition”,  said they must make sure he’s only a one term president. Did you notice the nasty smirk on McConnell’s face, as he intoned the words?

Is the obstructionism merely political or is there much more to this? I think the latter. Did you know they had a special meeting on the night of Obama’s inauguration? Did you know it was a conference by about 15 of the top TP/GOPers to destroy Obama’s first term in any way they could?  There’s a lot more to the TP/GOPers whine about  what the country used to be, way back before any progressive ideas sneaked in. Don’t forget the “birthers” still trying to discredit the “other” POTUS. How dare he! Do you recall any past president having to prove his birth record? I think any aware individual can understand the real meaning of the  TP/GOPer’s code.

Latest info on this debacle…The SCOTUS just denied an appeal to allow the continuation of the “birthers” suit against the president.

They just don’t wear sheets anymore…!

Take a good look at the ‘20’s, prohibition, the depression, even the ‘40’s through our hopefully more enlightened eyes of the 21st century. Do you get my drift? Can you understand the portents of the 21st century and its importance in the world?  Which makes more sense today, falling back into the past stagnation or progressing with an eye to the actualized future?

Some memories of the “glorious” past…

Depression era bread and coffee line

A depression era soup kitchen line,thanks to Al Capone. Would you believe he  actually set up several of them? 

There was no such thing as workman’s comp then…

More warm memories of times past…”The Grapes of Wrath” were not all that fictional. A migrant worker family of the era…

There are some who would like to undo civil rights and desegregation altogether and some who would turn our country into an extension of their religious beliefs and an oligarchy. It’s up to us; all of us, to continue to move  towards a  future that is truly enlightened and progressive.

Some visuals for your entertainment and enlightenment, I hope…

A large part of the problem …

The continuing story…


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