Bigotry, a Four Letter Word…

…The “word” is HATE!

I was just writing a paragraph or two in my post ” Back to the Future…? about the inexplicable but noticeable bigotry abounding on the TP/GOPers attitudes about PRESIDENT Obama and the LGBT citizens, not to mention about things not WASP, especially MALE WASP. It occurred to me that the subject in itself needs a post of its own. So it is that  I express my opinion on that subject.  I think it needs expressing.

The undercurrents of bigotry and hate, run through certain factions of our citizenry like a malignant cancer. Spreading its poison throughout our political and legislative systems till it kills the organism, unless it’s checked. How much of LGBT hatred is based on some facets of the religious groups?  What of misogyny and the invasive nature of preventing women from full access and decisions about their own bodies and healthcare? No “War on Women” they say.

The short changing of the 99% compared to the “rights” of the 1%? You know what “they” say: “Helping people only makes them weaker.  we should do away with ‘entitlements’”.  Somehow, they seem to think, you should pull yourself up by your own bootstraps, even if you’re too poor to have boots and are barefoot. Make no mistake about it; this is the bigoted view from the greedy rich bastards against the “lower classes”.  Somehow, if you’re not rich like them, you’re lazy or not trying, according to them.

Though many of them did nothing to deserve their wealth,  except  to inherit it, and never actually worked a day in their lives, in the true sense of the word “work”. One of them admitted to making $57,000 a DAY! Just through his investments! Thurston Howell III is alive and well among the 1%! Some of the compassionate and caring super-affluent are actually using a great deal of their own wealth to help others, instead of investing more and taking more and more of the financial pie.

Continuing on, the “Birthers” and “he’s a Muslim” crowds, proves that anything is excusable to get rid of that  ” _____” (use your own expletive or pejorative to fill in the blank) in the White House. They don’t consider that he’s also half white, or maybe that infuriates them even more. How dare he assume that he’s worthy of the position.  Just an “uppity Black”, they think, and even spout wild rhetoric about unsavory characters he “palled” around with; Rev. Wright, secrets he’s hiding, conspiracy plots, and out and out lies and downright insults about their own POTUS. Why? Because “he’s not like us”, or he’s “the other”.  One politician recently said “He’s not really an American in his heart, He’s just not American”.

They have absolutely no respect for the office or the man. Pastors have even prayed for his death! Do you know of any other president that was so maligned with lies, innuendos, insults and half-truths?   Do you know of any other group that demanded  a birth certificate from any other POTUS, ever? They’ll claim they’re not bigoted or hateful, they just don’t like his politics, that’s all. Really? You could have fooled me. See some of the Tea Party signs, for instance.Some are so blatant as to be disgusting. You can Google them if you’re interested.

Any questions?

The above piece of rubbish, cheerfully donated to all by Terry Jones. You remember him, don’t you? He’s the  loving Christian pastor(?) who deliberately burned the Quran, because of his hatred of Muslims. Not only that, I understand he’s the cousin of Jim Jones! Remember the Jonestown massacre and the Kool-Aid? Insanity must be in the DNA.

Here’s another…Thanks to the TP/GOPers

Tell me again that it’s only President Obama’s politics they disagree with. No hatred or bigotry at all! Give me a break! All in all, bigotry of every ilk is in the hearts and minds of some of our own American citizens. They are the enemy within. We don’t need terrorists, some of our own are doing a pretty good job of destroying us from within. Perhaps these are the real terrorists. Maybe that’s what Bin Laden and his minions were actually hoping to foment.

There’s no denying this isn’t the same America I grew up in before 9/11. That has warped us almost beyond  recognition. What with the “Patriot Act”, TSA, the labyrinthine change in policies, regarding travel and privacy. Canada and Mexico are no longer our friendly neighbors, you can no longer move freely on our own borders.  Before this, I remember car trips over the bridge to Canada, from Detroit, when I was living there as a small child.

A few years old but just as true today…Discouraging isn’t it?

These days you have to have a passport to go north or south of our borders. Now every airline passenger is treated like a potential terrorist, with all kinds of unnecessary restrictions. How many air passengers were found to actually be terrorists? They even search 2 year old children and the disabled, people in wheelchairs and the extreme elderly.  I’ve seen reports of several revolting incidents in the name of “safety”. Has the TSA really stopped any act of terrorism? This is the USA?  The recent passport requirements to and from Canada and Mexico haven’t stopped the illegal immigrant migration from the Mexican border. I highly doubt any Canadian would want to sneak into our country, judging from some comments I’ve read from Canadian citizens. I think it more likely, some of our citizens might want to slip into Canada.

I almost forgot, a third element in this is FEAR. Fear of the “others”, even fear of your neighbor. No matter how undeserved, difference must be shunned; another component of unfounded bigotry. Remember the recent flap over the “so-called” Mosque on 9/11 ground?  It was actually blocks away from the site. Because of fear, bigotry and hatred of “the others”, it almost never got realized. Some of my neighbors and my terrific physician are Muslims. I just see them as neighbors and my doctor, like any other human beings. We are all humans, you know, and humans are varied in many ways, but we all belong to the same group; HUMANKIND.

I guess I’ll get off the soapbox for now. There are many other things I’ll be expressing in my blog. I have a lot of opinions, as you can see.

A  few more visual aids….

They start ’em young, don’t they?


The truth hurts…


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