I was going to use the typical Ledger “Joker”, as a heading for some lighter items. But I found this and I think it’s really clever. Credit to Tora. I know nothing about the artist, but props for this.

Another Doonesbury Bulls-eye! A Satirical View of a Serious Subject!

Atheists – We’re Boring…

Another ‘punny” one from “The Argyle Sweater”…

From one of my fav editorial artists, Mat Bors

Maybe this is why the chicken crossed the road…?

Another of my All-time Favs

Doonesbury hits the mark…Again!

So, that’s how they did it…

Well, Do I?


Just Because…



One of my favorite Carlin bits.


I’m a cat lover and Garfield is a fav of mine…


This is an old cartoon from the now defunct “Omni” Magazine. One of my all time fav cartoons, I found it on  the site “A Day in the Life of Roland” Thanks to Roland.

It reads "It's one goddammed thing after another".“It’s one goddam thing after another”

 I discovered this comic strip by accident, because the art work was so well done. It has some PG elements, at times.  Anyway,  there’s also a great cat in it, a Siamese, no less

A short commentary  on “values”.  I enjoy Doonesbury, too. Very succinct observations.


“Cat  Commentary”?

Another Garfield Gem

A Whatzit…?

 I have no idea what this is. It looks like some sort of fantastic,  alien  bird-form or Manta-Ray.  Any ideas?  It’s  intriguing and colorful, whatever it is…


For all you music and mouse lovers


Score another for Doonesbury


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